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Our Story

Not Just Good, Real Good

Italian Sandwiches

Real Good Pizza isn't just a pizza shop; we are a family-owned business. We pride ourselves on using fresh high quality ingredients, including our own homemade pizza dough, meatballs, and sauce to create a real good pizza experience. Our story is one of tradition, quality, and service.

Pizza Dough

Our Features

Real Good, it's not just a name, it's everything.


The Power of a Real Good meal

At Real Good Pizza we are a family-owned business. We believe food brings people together.  We have food to celebrate our success, to help comfort us in our troubled times.  Food creates memories.  Some of the greatest memories are made in the kitchen or the dinner table.


We use Real Good ingredients

We take pride in using fresh quality ingredients.  We make our pizza dough, pizza sauce, and meatballs fresh from our own homemade recipes.  Our goal is to leave you with a Real Good Experience.


Handcrafted with Love

We developed our own recipes, from the crisp crusts of our pizzas to our sauces created to perfection. We respect the simplicity and purity of ingredients, allowing them to shine and create a symphony of flavors in every bite.


Freshness You Can Taste

Our kitchen is a buzzing hive of activity from dawn, prepping, kneading, and cooking to deliver the most aromatic, vibrant, and flavorful experience possible.

Pepperoni Pizza

Welcome to

Real Good Pizza




Visit us at one of our locations:

100 Center Ice Drive, Delmont PA 15626

Open 7 days a week:

Monday-Friday 3pm-9pm

Saturday-Sunday 12pm-9pm

Call us at: (724) 461-7466

Email us at info at:

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